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Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

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Reason for today’s visit was to assess power loss in the home. When I arrived at the home, customer stated that she was using the treadmill earlier and then realized that she lost power to most of the Home. Well going to the Home I started to notice that This was definitely larger than a single circuit shorting out. This led me to go check the main panel to see if there was proper power coming into the home. When I tested the main log above the main breaker, I was only getting power on one leg. And then went outside and opened up the meter and found one of the legs was no longer in the crimp For the line side of the meter. I noticed that it was occasionally arcing because it was trying to make contact. I had customer call Pepco while I was on site to help them get this remedied. While standing over there, checking the power we looked up and noticed that the main triplex line coming to the home was resting on the roof. There’s not enough clearance, allowing the cable to properly termin