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Michael W.

Michael W. Job Checkin

This solution includes the removal of the damaged receptacle box and the installation of an audible gfci for sump pump. In addition we shall replace the other receptacle at sink, gfci protecting it as well. Includes surge protection We have replaced the existing damaged receptacle in basement. In addition we have installed GFCI protection for the sump pump area.

Alex W.

Alex W. Job Checkin

Service charge

Matt M.

Matt M. Job Checkin

As low as 485 a month -run two dedicated 20 amp circuits for counter receptacles -install new receptacles for kitchen receptacles -run dedicated 20amp circuit for microwave -run dedicated for for fridge -run dedicated circuit for dining room -run circuit to addition bedroom -rewire addition bedroom -install new receptacle in addition bedroom (7) -rewire lights in addition -rewire dining room and receptacles -arc fault breakers for all new wiring required by NEC -rewire house to code and eliminate all concerns in the house Not responsible for drywall repairs or painting. 1 year parts and labor warranty with scope of work.

Alex W.

Alex W. Job Checkin

We installed for customer supplied ceiling fans are in pre-wired locations throughout the home the downstairs ceiling fan dip switch is set to 1 the front left bedroom is set to 2 the front right bedroom is set to 3 in the master bedroom set to 4<br>

Nicholas T.

Nicholas T. Job Checkin

Installed 3 new circuits in the garage back right corner. We installed 2 new 20 amp 120volt circuits for server racks, and one 50 amp 240volt circuit with a NEMA 14-50 outlet for a car charger. I ran all 3 circuits through the ceiling over to the GE 200 amp main panel in the front right corner of the home and lannded on temporary breakers. We will be returning when the 2 duel function (arc-fault/ground-fault) 120 volt breakers and the 50 amp 240 volt GFCI breaker comes in. All 3 new outlets are powered up and reading proper voltage.

Alex W.

Alex W. Job Checkin

Removed all receptacles in basement living room area and replaced them There was a total of 3 circuits between the outlets. So I installed GFCIs for two of the outlets and a arc fault gfci breaker for the other two. There was no grounds in the boxes Re wired and redeviced two 3 way switches for the stairs upstairs Replaced a receptacle in daughters bedroom Took a loose wire in sons attic crawl space and put it in a box and blanked it off The dinning room chandelier was hardwired into a receptacle in the daughters bedroom without a switch So I removed the wire because it was a 12 wire attached to a 14 wire. Then ran out of the receptacle box up to a new switch box I installed then I ran a switch leg to the chandelier. I installed a caseta smart switch to avoid any holes being cut in the wall downstairs. The one switch is in the daughters room the remote switch is in the dinning room on a 3 gang switch plate I also removed the support for the chandelier and installed a side mou