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The reason for today’s visit with the customer was to troubleshoot two GFCI’s, one located in the upstairs bathroom and one located in the garage. Upon arrival we entered the home and went to the panel. The panel was in good shape, no double tapped neutrals or breakers however it was missing a Surge Protector. We then located the GFCI in the garage. Upon deeper examination we discovered this GFCI was attached to a GFCI on the ceiling which connected all the outdoor receptacles. After opening up this GFCI we discovered backstabbing and loose wiring. We recommended to the customer that this one be replaced. We then went upstairs and examined the bathroom GFCI. This GFCI also had backstabbing and loose wiring. We also recommended to the customer that this should be replaced. Customer stated that it recently had been replaced by a handyman which he wasn’t happy with. The new GFCI was an unknown brand made in china. We then examined the outdoor receptacles to see if these were potentially c