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Alex W.

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Customer had his house power washed and the bathroom/outside outlets were out and the gfci in the basement controlling them all would not reset The outside outlets had metal covers and were not rated to be outside and were all rusted The customer decided to change all the receptacles on that circuit and change them to gfcis I installed tamper resistant GFCIs in the basement next to the panel and in all the bathrooms. I installed tamper resistant weather resistant GFCIs outside and then installed in use bubble covers and broke the tabs off to protect the cord end and also the device I spliced all the appropriate wires together and pig tailed off the splice and landed the wires on the line side of the gfcis. This makes the best and safest possible connection through the circuit and also allows power to go to other gfcis even if any other gfci were to trip due to weather or power washing again I also installed a new 15 amp BR breaker to ensure the circuit was completely serviced whi