403 Headquarters Dr. Unit 5
Millersville, MD 21108
(443) 396-3797

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dennis@haasandsons.com Job Checkin

Replacement of 60 amp disconnect non-fusible on A/c unit closest to the street due to wires having signs of over heating/melting.

Nicholas T.

Nicholas T. Job Checkin

Provide an estimate to install a new dedicated 20 amp circuit in the basement workspace and install arc fault and ground fault protection on the new circuit as required by the national electric code.

Alex W.

Alex W. Job Checkin

I re wired and replaced a receptacle in the master bedroom that was installed incorrectly I installed a ultra whole home surge protector to protect homes electronics and homes utilities for potential power surges I jumped out of a 3 gang switch box in the basement and ran a 14-2 romex wire through the basement joists. Then i cut in a old work box on the 2nd floor enclosed addition and drilled a hole into the basement and fished my wires through and installed a weather resistant tamper resistant gfci with a in use bubble cover then tied the wires in to the 3 gang switch box

Alex W.

Alex W. Job Checkin

Remove existing ceiling fan in master bedroom and install owner supplied fan and its place. Just a remove and replace while doing the whole home assessment I seen that there’s already been a surge protector installed previously by our company.

Michael W.

Michael W. Job Checkin

We have installed all new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. In addition we have replaced a rear exterior GFCI receptacle controlling the small awning. Lastly we have installed a whole home surge protector on the main service panel with the EV charging circuit.