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Alex W.

Alex W.

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Customer had a old work box in his daughters floor behind her bed in the floor which was not secure nor was the outlet and when the daughter plugged something in it the hot touch the metal box and blew the circuit. I installed a floor rated box and a tamper resistant outlet with cover for a better and safer receptacle Customer had a dimmer switch downstairs that was arcing when it was turned on. I removed the switch and saw all the splices in the 4 gang switch box were not well done. So I removed all the dimmers and re spliced all the wires. Then I replaced the dimmers with company supplied dimmers Customers fan transmitter in the canopy is not working properly. Us timer is going to buy a new fan then call us to reschedule and install the new fan for 541 Customer has a 30 day warranty Removed and replaced 2 customer supplied fans. One in the living room And one in the daughters bedroom