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Matt M.

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Starting the inspection i started at the electrical panel and found that in panel 1(left) i found double tapped neutrals(where neutral wires are under the same lug as another neutral/ground wire) and white colored wires on breakers(needs to be color coded to indicate a hot wire). All basements receptacles in the basement should be gfci protected due to concrete exposed floors. Throughout the basement there are various loose wires and missing plates. Also in the basement there is a junction box tucked in the ceiling that has wires exposed outside the junction box. In the utility room there is a plug going into a junction box to provide power to plugs(this is not allowed by Nec). Numerous boxes throughout the basement have no cover plates. Right outside the utility room there is a cut and exposed wire in the ceiling. Once i moved upstairs and started to check the receptacles and switches throughout the house i found that all receptacles had good voltage(120-123v) and had been properly gr