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Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

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Quote to remove existing Federal pacific stab lock panel in the basement and install a new 100 amp main breaker panel with all new matching breakers in its place. We will install new feeder wire to the existing sub panel and check all connections in sub panel as well as replace the line from the meter to the new panel. We will install all new grounding system, which includes 2 8ft galvanized ground rods on the exterior of the home and main water line grounding. We will replace the 2 outlets on the 1st floor that are not grounded al well. Customer paid deposit of $1,000.00 today which leaves a balance of $2,607.00 to be collected upon completion of work when we return on Tuesday 4.13.20. 4/13/2020 Returned today and completed quoted work. We removed existing Federal Pacific stab lock panel and installed new Square D QO series main breaker panel. We installed new service entrance cable from meter to the new panel to replace the older rag style wire. We installed new grounding system to c