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Excellent service!

Nick is very experienced and was quick to offer advice on options to improve our house wiring layout. Couldn’t have asked for a better electrician.

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dennis@haasandsons.com Job Checkin

For todays visit with the customer i was called out for installation of surge protection on ATS system and surge protectors on the Main Panel of the home. Customer has two main panels, one being a 150 amp BR and the other a 200 amp BR. Both installed around 2000’s. Went over the customers needs with surge protection due to a generator taking a hit last storm and frying the circuit boards. At this time i went over the options to install all four, he would like to take time to speak with his wife on the decision and get back to us.

Nicholas T.

Nicholas T. Job Checkin

We are replacing all switches and outlets in the home. We are installing a dishwasher plug underneath the sink. We are moving the dryer plug up the wall and cutting in a flush mount plug. 2/28 We returned today and completed re-device of home. We install GFCI‘s and all the basement receptacles as well as resecured one of the boards holding a receptacle for the sump pump. One last visit we installed all new devices on the first floor as well as relocated the dryer plug higher on the wall and cut in a flush mount receptacle. We also added underneath the kitchen sink for a dishwasher to plug into. Once completed we added a new panel schedule and labeled all the breakers accurately. All lights and receptacles are working properly.