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Paul W.

Paul W. Job Checkin

Reclaimed and removed old equipment. Installed new leveled pad, disconnect, whip, and flushed lineset. Placed new Amana condenser on pad and brazed in lineset with nitrogen. Wired in high and low volt connections. Installed new Amana high efficiency gas furnace and evaporator coil. Installed April aire media filter. Secured and sealed return and adapted supply ductwork and sealed. Ran new vents to exterior of home and tied into furnace. Brazed in coil with nitrogen and pressure tested to 300 psi then evacuated down to 129 microns. Installed new ez trap and condensate pump. Ran vinyl tubing to discharge. Wired safety’s to break r. Reconnected gas and leak checked. Installed new switch and receptacle. Wired all high and low volt connections. Installed horizontal drain kit on intake vent. Installed t10 thermostat. Tested operation in heating and cooling. Adjusted refrigerant charge and adjusted gas pressures. Performed combustion test. System working great at time of install.

Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Performed precision oil tune up on burnham oil boiler. Replaced rf1 oil filter. Replaced.75x80a nozzle. Cleaned and brushed out boiler and smoke pipe. Performed smoke and combustion test. Made sure both heat zones were getting hot. Oil boiler is working fine at time of inspection.

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

added refrigerant to system for system to work properly, added r22 to adjust superheat and sub coolin based on temperature , wet bulb, and humidity levels now system is working up to standards supply air 53 return air 74

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

No ac, found system off upon arrival set stat to call for ac, check airflow check split supply 63 return 76 check outdoor unit refrigerant pressures and found to be low on refrigerant, provided solutions to customer performed a leak search, add refrigerant or both, due to age and condition of system would recommended replacing system

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

Performed gas heat tune up check electrical low and high ok filter ok clean sensor check burners and manifold gas pressure ok combustion test and hole furnace ok check split ok, noticed blower cap reading just below rating also blower wheel is dirty should be taken apart and clean, also noticed gas line not grounded would recommend bonding gas line

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Gas boiler check up, check electrical ok, clean burners, pilot ok, gas pressure ok combustion test ok cycle boiler test limit ok check water pressure , supply and return temp ok boiler ok this time water psi at 20 at water temp 180F SYSTEM OK

Nathan P.

Nathan P. Job Checkin

upon arrival found condensate pump float switch sticking. Also unit low on charge. Superheat 23 subcooling 0. Factory recommended subcooling 10. We added refrigerant last year as well. Customer chooses not to make any repairs at this time. Would like a quote to replace system. Appointment august 7 Tuesday 2-4pm