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Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

We removed old attic unit, the plenum and parts of all the hard pipes connected to it. Installed new air handler horizontal on new drain pan, added a new return duct plenum and also supply box, ran new flex line to new supply ducts. Ran new high volt wires from attic breaker panel to new air handler, also ran new thermostat wire from new installed t10 thermostat to new air handler. Installed new line set thermostat wire and drain line, also ran all of that in slim duct running down the side of the house. Set new pad and outdoor unit on back corner of the house and connected all needed for install. Installed new mini split system on first floor living room, ran new line set to the outdoor unit, connected all high volt and communication lines to unit. Ran slim duct on house from exit point to new outdoor unit. Installed a disconnect for each outdoor and ran new high volt wires to basement breaker panel.

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Performed Precision Tune Up on Gas Fired Boiler. Removed and cleaned Burner assembly. With burners removed, inspected Heat exchanger. Cleaned Flame Sensor and Spark Ignitor. Inspected Electrical Controls on unit. Tested expansion tank for air pressure. Reassembled burners and put system into operation. Performed Combustion Analysis on Boiler and measured Supply and Return Water Temperatures, while monitoring Water Pressure. Measured Amp Draw on the Circulator pump. This was a cold start on the boiler as it has not been used for the season yet. Lowered the High Limit Cutoff temperature to test and ensure it was shutting the boiler down. Cycled the boiler several times to ensure it was firing off properly. While boiler is operating, due to age and overall efficiency would recommend begin planning for replacement of the system before any major component or heat exchanger failure occurs.

Brian B.

Brian B. Job Checkin

Checked no cooling complaint, filter just replaced. Started air conditioner, checked refrigerant charge, found low on charge. Topped off refrigerant and balanced by superheat.

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Performed Precision Heating Tune Up on Gas Fired Boiler with Single Zone. Removed and cleaned Burners/Pilot Assembly. Inspected Heat Exchanger. Tested Expansion Tank to insure it had Air Pressure. Put system in operation and completed Combustion Analysis. Measured Supply and Return Water Temperatures while system was running. System had not reached temperature upon completion of tests. Manually checked the Water Temperature Cut-Off to insure it was shutting the boiler off. Burners are starting to rust but all channels are clear. System is operating to standards at this time.