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Christopher B.

Christopher B. Job Checkin

Performed AC Tune Up on Main System for the home. Replaced the High Efficiency Aprilaire 413 Filter. Cleaned EZ Trap and Drain Line. Inspected Electrical Components on Air Handler and Outdoor Unit. Put system into operation and measured refrigerant charge and supply/return air temperatures. While system was in operation, tested Wet Switch safety device to ensure it was shutting the system down properly. System is operating to standards at this time. No maintenance was performed on the Ductless System for the sunroom due to the system not being used right now.

Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Talked to homeowner about fan speed noise. Adjusted damper back to her bedroom , office area, and south side vent in living room . From talking to homeowner it sounds like the sound that was waking her up was the increase in fan speed due to defrost mode. Found bathroom window and back bedrooms leaking air at windows. After making changes with the dampers the bathroom and back bedrooms are warmer, and more even with the front of the house. Told homeowner that any heat pump system in defrost mode will have a change in fan speed air noise.

Joseph D.

Joseph D. Job Checkin

Homeowner called in stating that her electric bill has increased significantly in the last month. Returned to site to test system and find root cause of issue. Spoke with homeowner upon arrival about issue and was informed that the Outdoor Unit had not been running for the last week. Proceeded to the Attic to inspect the Air Handler. Air Handler was in Heat Pump mode but the outdoor unit was not turning on. Reviewed system programming via Dipswitches. Checked 413 Air Filter which was very dirty. Replaced Air Filter with a new 413 Filter. Checked the Outdoor Unit which was on a High Pressure Hard Lockout. Reset Power to unit and tested system. Measured refrigerant charge. Refrigerant charge was to standards. The Air Filter that was replaced was blocking the Air Flow and causing the Unit to go out on High Pressure. Attempted to simulate by putting old filter back in, but due to the low Outdoor Temperature the Pressures did not increase high enough to trip the Limit. On a more moderate te

Brian B.

Brian B. Job Checkin

Performed 6 month check on heat pump and mini split, checked media air filter ok. Tested electric back up heaters. Started heat pump, tested defrost cycle, measured btu output. Checked voltage, amperage. Checked dip switch settings. Started mini split, checked refrigerant charge. Checked operation and temperature rise across coil.

Joseph D.

Joseph D. Job Checkin

Provide quote for diagnosing problem with zoning. Also wants quote on ductless heat pump systems for basement zones.