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Great education from Luis

My problem was difficult to diagnose, but Luis let me observe and educated me about the process and how my furnace functions and is malfunctioning. He was polite and professional.

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for landenberg, pa

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

No heat , found system off upon arrival asked customer to set stat to call for heat and found system giving a code 32 pressure switch issue, check all venting and drain ok inducer pulling good vacuum, check intake and exhaust pipes ok, check secondary collector box, found some carbon, also found that inducer is getting weak, can’t over come the resistance across heat exchanger and also due to heat exchanger starting to malfunctioning, performed inspection on furnace found blower wheel super dirty restricting airflow, performed smoke test on unit and system failed heat exchanger test, would recommend upgrading furnace due to problems. Currently furnace is in operation by customer would recommend doing recommend repairs or furnace replacement for safety purposes

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Performed Quality Assurance On recently installed Amana AC system. Completed Checklist Form in System. Reviewed installation with homeowner.

Paul W.

Paul W. Job Checkin

Reclaimed and removed old condenser and evaporator coil. Installed new condenser and evaporator. Installed new disconnect and whip. Installed and leveled new pad. Installed new line set and brazed in equipment. Installed new ez trap and condensate pump. Ran vinyl into sump pump. Wired safety’s to cut r wire. Reconnected ductwork. Evacuated line set down to 265 microns and leak checked. No leaks found at time of install. Tested new system. Delta t 21 degrees. System running perfectly at time of install.

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

Custome has two Fujitsu ductless outdoor units, one outdoor has three head and the other outs door has two heads, all heads, need drain repairs, needs new drain currently drain don’t go all the way down with line set, the unit with three heads, is low on refrigerant, pipes freezing during testing, repairs are needed for only the three head unit, need to recover refrigerant pressure test all 3 set of lines and outdoor unit, find the leak, fixed the leak and pull vacuum then charge unit back up based on manufacturer data, recommend having Sam out here to give customer a price to replace units, we we email customer with estimate on repairs as well total lightning of drain hose needed is about 100 feet,