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Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Found 50 gallon natural gas atmospheric water heater is 17 years old and not in the best condition, recommended replacement of water heater. Will also take out second tank next to it that was red tagged and shut off. Will adapt to exsisting exahaust pipe. Remove extra copper piping and extra gas line. 2 year full guarantee on the water heater, 6years on the tank. Copper piping is 1/2”. New water heater to be set in drain pan with water alarm. 6/9/21. Installed new Bradford white atmospheric natural gas water heater. Adapted to water and gas piping checked for leaks, no leaks found. Checked water pressure and set gas control to hot setting.

Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Performed precision a/c tune up on Bryant a/c system. Replaced 16x25x1 air filter. Checked all electrical conections and components. Installed ecm surge protector. Blew out condensate drain. Checked temperature split. Checked refrigerant pressures and temperatures at indoor and outdoor units. Looked over briefly where homeowner wanted to install mini splits. House is very thick stone wall. Homeowner would like us to discuss with him options when the whole house system dies. Also found 50 gallon atmospheric water heater not in the best of conditions and 17 years old recommended replacement of water heater.

Brian B.

Brian B. Job Checkin

Performed heating maintenance, checked air filter ok. Cleaned burners and flame sensor, inspected heat exchanger. Blew out condensate trap and drain. Checked voltage, amperage and electrical connections. Started gas furnace, measured fuel pressures. Tested limit and safety switches. Performed combustion test. Checked operation and temperature rise.

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Performed Quality Assurance on Amana Gas Furnace and completed Checklist Form in System. Corrected any issues that were found. Installed new Front Cover Pressure switch under warranty. Measured pressure at switch at -0.9” WC. Cycled unit multiple times to ensure it was firing off properly. Checked electrical and ground connections on Furnace.

Paul W.

Paul W. Job Checkin

Customer concern- no heat Upon arrival found furnace locked out on excessive retries. Checked all pressure switches and found blocked drain switch to be faulty. Rated at -.10 inwc but opened and stuck open at 2.3 inwc. I jumped out switch so they would have heat. Will need to return to replace pressure switch. Office will follow up on Monday to schedule a date.

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

Second opinion, performed System check up, check electrical low and high, check ignition and check operation noticed very low flame, check low and high stage only 1 in of wc manifold side, check inlet and reading 1.5 wc when furnace is running when furnace is off reading 5.5 wc, informed customer about situation also did noticed behind blower water is leaking, is coming from the secondary heat exchanger, at this point secondary heat exchanger has failed and is leaking water, system can be repaired due to high cost for repairs would recommend having the system replaced,