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Chris B.

Chris B.

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Arrived onsite to perform AC Tune Up on system. Was informed that the First Floor system was not cooling the home. After testing system, found the system was completely flat of Refrigerant. Pressurized system to 250 PSI. Used Leak Bubbles to check all connections on the Indoor Coil and Outdoor Unit. Isolated the Indoor Unit by closing the Service Valves and the pressure held at a constant level. Opened the service Valves to reintroduce the Outdoor Unit into the system and the Pressure began to drop. Opened Lid of the Condensing Unit. Inspected Connections and leak checked all visible tubing and connections. Sprayed coil with Leak Bubbles wherever the fins on the Coil were bent or damaged. Was unable to determine the source of the Leak. The Leak is coming from the Condensing Unit, but the exact source of the leak is not known at this time. Need to return to evacuate the system and recharge with Refrigerant. Recommend adding Leak Dye to the system as well to help determine Leak point.