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Chris B.

Chris B.

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Performed Precision Heating Tune Up on system. Existing filter was a 16x28x6 in an Aprilaire 401 Housing. Filter was dirty and needed to be replaced. Installed an Aprilaire 401 Air Filter. Several of the Comb Clips for the Filter are broken. If continuing to use a 401 Filter in the future would recommend replacement of the Combs. While inspecting system, found that the Exhaust Vent Pipe was leaking. Rust damage had occurred on the top of the Furnace around the Vent Pipe. Exhaust pipe is leaking at one of the fittings. Would recommend cutting and replacing a section of the Vent pipe due to the leak. Included an estimate for the repair of the a Exhaust Vent Pipe. Performed Combustion Analysis and measured Manifold Gas Pressure on the system. Adjusted Gas Pressure to standards. Combustion Levels were to standards. Also spoke to Homeowner about installing a Condensation Pump and an Electrical Box with an Outlet and Switch at the Furnace. There is currently no Power Shut Off for the Furna