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Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Performed 6 month inspection on amana gas furnace. Checked 16x24x1 air filter is ok. Checked flame sensor and blew out condensate drain tubing. Checked gas pressure in both high and low fire. Checked all electrical conections and components. Performed combustion test. System is working fine at time of inspection.

Paul W.

Paul W. Job Checkin

Installed a new furnace in existing location. Put furnace on feet and put new coil on top of furnace. Adapted supply duct as need and reused existing return drop and filter elbow. Taped and sealed all duct work. Ran new copper lines to ac unit . Installed a new ac on a new plastic pad on top existing concrete pad. Installed a new disconnect box and whip to unit . Brazed and pressure tested all joints. Pumped unit up to 350 psi and sprayed with bubbles . Let vacuum down to 168 microns. Installed a new ez trap condensate drain and ran tubing over to discharge pipe. Modified gas piping to all hard piping and sprayed with bubbles to leak check. Removed old humidifier and patched hole. Taped and caulked all penetrations into the house . Cut back flue piping and re-ran pipe. Installed a new t6 lyric thermostat. Checked charge and added refrigerant as needed. Delta t 24. System operating as it should at time of install.

Christopher B.

Christopher B. Job Checkin

Performed Precision AC and Heating Tune Up on the Goodman System. Replaced 16x24x1 Air Filter. Cleaned Out all Condensation Drain Lines. While testing Electrical Components, found the Blower Capacitor and the Dual Capacitor we’re testing below rating. When testing Combustion Levels of Furnace found Combustion Levels to be elevated higher than normal. The Furnace was also cycling on/off periodically on High Limit. After further diagnosing the Furnace found the Inducer Motor Assembly was decaying and there was rust present indicating that it was not sealed properly and was leaking. If this is not sealed properly, it could be elevating the Combustion Readings. The Inducer Motor and Assembly would have to be replaced and the system retested. Please note that there still could be further issues with the system, or the system could still experience the High Limit cycling after replacing the Motor. Also spoke with Homeowner about concerns with the Flexible Gas Pipe and the leaking Vent Pipe