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Christopher B.

Christopher B. Job Checkin

Performed Six Month Inspection on Amana Heat Pump System that was Installed in February 2019. Changed 16x20x1 Air Filter. Inspected EZ Trap to ensure it was clean and clear. Measured Refrigerant Charge on system. Due to extended length of Lineset, added 2lbs 8oz of 410-A Refrigerant to the System Charging by Subcooling/Superheat. Upon completion Subcooling was maintaining 8 Degrees and the Supply/Return Differential was at 16 Degrees. System is operating to standards at this time. Spoke with Homeowner about leaving Fan setting in Circulate to help move air in between the cooling cycles.

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

Service call that the Heat was working intermittently. Arrived onsite and spoke with the Homeowner about issue. Found Heat was running upon arrival, but after cycling the unit the Heat was working intermittently. Found Control Board Relays were not staying closed and were causing the Furnace not to run. Ordered new Control Board and returned to install. After installing new OEM Control Board turned System on to test. System was operating but then would shut down while running. Need to further troubleshoot system. Luis and Paul replc auxiliary’s blower limit and also found 12.5 blower cap running at 9.5 quoted for repairs customer ok also reduced gas pressure to 3.2 wc and combustion test, would recommend cleaning blower wheel and coil cycle and test heater ok

Joseph D.

Joseph D. Job Checkin

Finalized installation of 1.5 ton heat pump system with 5 kw backup heat. Installed additional return in 2nd bedroom and ran flex duct and connected to return air box. Inspected all wiring and connected wiring to EZ trap. Added additional insulation to supply runs. INstalled 16x20 filter in unit. Installed all supply air registers in ceiling 8x8. Installed thermostat. Powered systems up and tested operation. Measured and adjusted system charge, tested heat pump and backup heat operation. Provided homeowner with instructions on operation. Left system off for now. Looked at adding additional run for lower level rear family room. There is only one hole going through into crawlspace. Recommend removing 6” flex run and running 8” from trunk in basement with hardpipe through wall into crawlspace and splitting 8” into 2 6” runs and add another supply in room. Need to provide estimate on additional work.