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Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Performed precision gas boiler tune up. Found heat exchanger and smoke pipe to be clear. After talking to homeowner he mentioned that his auto air bleeder would sometimes not bleed the air out correctly. Gave homeowner a quote to replace air bleeder. Cycled on boiler and checked gas pressure and combustion test. Made sure single zone loop was getting hot. Checked operation of circulation pump. 80% gas boiler is functioning fine at time of inspection.

Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Found outdoor fan motor not starting but compressor was. Found bad 35/5 mf cap . Replaced 35/5 mf cap and tested refrigerant pressures. Outdoor temperature was 90 degrees. R-22 pressures were 215/78. With a subcooling of 6. System is working fine at time of service.

Kurt M.

Kurt M. Job Checkin

Found wasps and debris inside chimney liner may have debris the entire way up thru which is a fire hazard. Also performed a smoke test on heat exchanger and did get some smoke leakage at seam in exchanger. Furnace is un safe tagged out. Recommend replacing the system. Homeowner is talking about installing an entire system to do the entire house not just two supply’s. Told homeowner to give the office a call when she is ready for a quote. Gave her a ball park of $20,000 to 25,000.

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

Performed repairs as per previous diagnosis. Replace 1/2 pressure reducing valve and back flow preventer. Also replaced 3/4 pressure relief valve . Found expansion tank did not have any holes in tank and did Not need replaced , so properly drained down expansion tank , and boiler piping system. After replacing the components, re filled boiler and purged out air. Both first and second floor piping is getting hot again and told homeowner some air will still be left in the system and will work its way out of the air bleeder. After replacing and boiler was hot, checked boiler pressure it was 15 psi during a run cycle.

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Diagnosed issues with boiler. Found boiler going off on exceeding water pressure. Airvent was already replaced and verified operational. The previous company left the airvent closed, I also found the limit set at 200F, it factory standard recommended at 180F. Boiler was drained down and the automatic water feeder was tested operational. It maybe passing water through causing access pressure. All base board zones were bled, and the boiler was tested and verified operational. While filling boiler to proper temperature and pressure, there was a slight increase in pressure so I isolated the automatic water feed. The Clint will keep a eye on the water pressure to isolate the expansion tank or the automatic waterfeeder.

Nathan P.

Nathan P. Job Checkin

Performed maintenance on gas boiler in Christiana