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Excellent, Thorough, Friendly

Brian was Friendly, knowledgeable and did a complete service for our Heating and A/C systems at our house. He took his time, and answered all questions. Excellent service!!

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Brian B.

Brian B. Job Checkin

Performed cooling maintenance on 2 air conditioners, replaced air filter. Cleaned condensate trap and drains. Checked voltage, amperage and electrical connections, measured capacitor values ok. Started air conditioners, checked refrigerant charge and temperature drop across coils

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

Performed gas boiler tune up and also ac inspection, check electrical low and high ok clean flame sensor and clean boiler trap, check inputs and outputs ok all parameters are with in specifications performed combustion test ok water pressure and temperature ok on the scale side check low and high electrical ok, replace filter check and flushed drain ok check split ok check outdoor unit refrigerant pressures contactor and capacitor ok customer has heat pump with electric heat as back up,

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

24x30x1 Upstairs filter needs ordered and changed when we come back to change out the blower cap on the downstairs unit 15 micro fareds also when we come back we need to install the 18x18x1 register downstairs to cover up hole underneath steps. Need slip and the register. Customer paid for cap and register. Already.. preformed precision heat tune up on both systems. Both systems looked good and checked out. We installed a April air humidifier in the craw space and added a 8 inch supply and 8 inch return to help pull from the basement. 2 10 inch were installed with a damper and tapered to pull more airflow from main basement area. We also installed a reme halo downstairs on the furnace to combat the mold smell. The dehumidifier needed a pump installed in the pan on furnace feet. Ran vinyl to discharge line.

Christopher B.

Christopher B. Job Checkin

Service call that the Gas Boiler was not working and was not Heating the Home. Upon arrival, spoke with Homeowner about issue. Found Thermostat set to Heat at 66 Degrees with an indoor Temperature of 55 Degrees. Proceeded to the Boiler to troubleshoot. The Boiler was not in operation and after troubleshooting found that their was not Power going to the Boiler. Found the Emergency Shut Off Switch at the Top of the Basement Steps was Turned Off. Turned Switch on and Boiler began operating. Performed Precision Heating Tune Up on Boiler. Disassembled and cleaned Heat Exchanger and Ignitor Assembly. Clean Boiler Drain Line and Condensation Pump. Inspected Electrical Connections. Tested Expansion Tank to ensure Air Pressure was present. Performed Combustion Analysis on Modulating Boiler. Monitored operation of Boiler to ensure it was Heating properly and the Radiators were getting hot.