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Davon W.

Davon W. Job Checkin

Lime applied Today I applied your round 8 application

Lance N.

Lance N. Job Checkin

Weeds around the property will begin to wilt within 2-3 weeks. I recommend to mow at 4, overgrown grass can cause uneven turf development, increase the likelihood of diseases and reduce the effectiveness of our products. However you should wait at least

Lance N.

Lance N. Job Checkin

Weeds around the property will begin to wilt after 2-3 weeks. I recommend to water your lawn half an inch in the morning twice a week. This will provide the best environment for healthy turf development, especially during the spring. Id also recommend g

Hasaan T.

Hasaan T. Job Checkin

Today I did your aeration and seeding and I got the bare areas and thin areas very well and I seeded those areas heavy remember that the lawn has to stay damp for the next 20 days to ensure proper seed growth and you can not mow the lawn for the next 2-3

Aaron A.

Aaron A. Job Checkin

Good morning as discussed today I applied your round three application of fertilizer with pre-emergent to the entire property using my Manual hand spreader why also applying your grub control and spraying very heavily with weed control

Bruce G.

Bruce G. Job Checkin

Today I applied your crabgrass reducer, fertilizer, and weed control. This will refuse crabgrass germination, any weeds there are, and feed your lawn Thank you for your business

Devin L.

Devin L. Job Checkin

Today I applied your round 2 application. If you have any questions please give us a call. Have a great day.

Colin J.

Colin J. Job Checkin

Hello today I applied round three of straight fertilizer with a mix of insect control and sprayed lawn for weeds, i also took your pH reading your pH is 5.8 it should be between 6.5 to 7.0 I recommend at least 3 lime applications to increase pH which wil