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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed AC diagnostic on 2014 Aireflo Condenser. Upon my diagnostic client stated that system has been charged approximately three times in the past by a home warranty company. I began my diagnostic at the outdoor condensing unit and found that the system is operational although extremely low on refrigerant charge due to a leak within the refrigeration cycle. 4 ton condenser- 1. System was low approximately 5 pounds of R410a refrigerant 2. Leaked Dye/sealant was injected into the system To help locate and pinpoint location of leak and potentially seal with this kit. 3. Need to return in approximately one month to do leak dye search Charged system up and got a 10° sub cool with a 18° split inside. Client is aware of how system is running at the moment and will be waiting for us to return for a leak dye search. Once the leak is found repair options will be represented and client will decide whether or not he would like to replace or repair at this time of the appointment. Upon depa