1004 Saunders Ln
West Chester, PA 19380

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Matthew M.

Matthew M. Job Checkin

Today I did your grub control this is going to help prevent any grubs from eating at the grass roots Today I did your round 3 which includes straight fertilizer which means you can seed whenever you want. Also I blanket sprayed your lawn for all broadlea

John K.

John K. Job Checkin

Today I applied your liquid round three with free surface insect control to help promote the healthy growth of your lawn as well as keep away chinch bugs. I also blanket treated for all active weeds on the lawn which should die in 10-14 days. I also appl

Matthew M.

Matthew M. Job Checkin

I sprayed your mosquito control extremely heavy Today I did your round 2 application which is the last round of pre emergent for crabgrass. Also I blanket sprayer your entire lawn for all broadleaf weeds. I also applied your free round of insect control

Felix V.

Felix V. Job Checkin

Today I applied your round 6 application with granular fertilizer. While I was on the property I noticed some active weeds throughout your yard, in which I did NOT spray for them due to the fact I applied new seed. This application will help with the new

Dominic A.

Dominic A. Job Checkin

-Welcome to GREEN LAWN ,my name is Dominic and I will be your lawn tech . Today I applied Liquid fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent and weed control. This treatment will help the growth and color of your lawn while controlling and killing crab grass