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Andrew F.

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Hello Mrs. Miller. This treatment involves spraying your entire property with a liquid fertilizer and weed control. It will take 4 full weeks for our weed control to fully integrate into your lawn. Thankfully, a portion of the weeds on your lawn are already in the process of dying off. As the fall weather continues to grow colder, we will continue to see more of your weeds dying off. I took my time treating the borders of your lawn and any area that didn't have dying weeds. There's an issue I noticed with your property today. Whoever does the edging for your property has been taking away sections of your lawn so that all that is left is a dirt lane along the curb. This leaves open a perfect spot for weeds to show up. Weeds already show up along curbs (because this is where the soil gets hottest) so this will exasperate that issue. Edging is ok but only when it doesn't remove sections of the lawn. I recommend covering this area up with topsoil and re-seeding. I recommend watering 2-3 ti