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Incomplete service

Today’s experience with Green Lawn was less that satisfactory. Why? I do not believe my backyard received the intended application this morning. When I called Rafael, the service technician, I mentioned that I witnessed his service truck approach the house, from my upstairs window. I observed him extend the hose to spray the front yard. (Since the double gate to my backyard was locked, I rushed downstairs heading to the backyard to unlatch the gate. By this time, he and his truck left). There was no way anyone could hose down the backyard based on its size with the chemical application without entering through the gate, which was secured from the inside. There was no posted sign on my lawn that indicated that services were provided at my residence. Nor was there an invoice at my front door (as usually the case after service). When I contacted Raphael by phone, he advised that my house was indeed serviced. He said he had multiple residences to serve along my street. He also mentioned when he attempted to unlock the gate, the lock dropped to the ground. I said I did not have a lock on my gate. And,he couldn’t explain why I didn’t have a sign in my front yard or an invoice at my door. Anyway, I proceeded to visit my next door neighbors, especially next door (3626 Valley Meadows Drive). They do not have service from Green Lawn, yet there was a sign in front of their lawn, near the curb. (This residence probably had the broken lock). I walked up to the door and found an invoice that was intended for the residence at 3628 Valley Meadow Drive. I contacted the owner at 3628 Valley Meadow Drive to advise that I had her invoice. She advised that she had my invoice. (She did say her lawn had a service sign posted in front of her house, but removed it shortly after service was provided. I would appreciate another attempt to service my residence, including the backyard. Today's service was not the usual service that I've come to expect and appreciate. I guess sometimes people just have a bad day. Thank you.