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Mosquito Control: The same person never shows up twice for spraying mosquito control around the house. It's always a new person. I'm constantly under pressure to stay home and advice the individual to spray behind the back fence as that's where most of the mosquitos are. It's fine as long as I'm able to pass on the message to the individual. But if they come when I'm not home, then the spray is useless and we get bitten by mosquitos all over. I just had the mosquito spraying done on Monday and I couldn't go onto the deck today Wednesday. I don't understand why it's so hard to save my instructions centrally so I don't have to repeat to every individual every single time. I've been a customer for a couple of years now but I don't think I'll continue moving forward. I'm tired of constantly being on a watch out for the service and making sure I stay home that day to give my basic one line message that mosquitos are behind the back fence. Lawn Care: The lawn care experience hasn't been great either. It used to be very good before. Now my yard has a lot of weed. I called and they performed a service call but weed is still there. I showed specific areas where I have weed and he sprayed. It looked like it was dying one day, but then it's back up again. There has been another spraying after my service call which I wasn't home for. Not sure what he sprayed because the weed is still in all the areas where it existed before. Aeration and Seeding: I also paid for aeration and seeding 2 years ago as it was a bad summer and I was adviced by an agent to do so. I'm sorry to say that it did not help one bit. There are many bare areas in the yard. I called and complained so I got a free service call for aeration last fall. I also have a sprinkler system and water the lawn regularly. But the aeration and seeding service did not produce any results. Every time now I get adviced to do aeration again. Not sure why it'll make a difference now when it didn't make a difference before. I'm thoroughly disappointed. I used to love green lawn and recommended it to so many people. It's going downhill. None of the services are up to par any longer. I don't even bother calling and complaining as it'll be another day I need to stay home and nothing really seems to happen.