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Barry P.

Barry P. Job Checkin

Heat Tune Up 2.5 Ton Heat Pump Made call for heat from thermostat. Replaced filter. Checked temperature rise. Checked all controls, electric motors and components. Checked refrigerant pressures/data. Tested defrost operation. System is operating well at the time of this maintenance.

Brian B.

Brian B. Job Checkin

Performed heating maintenance, checked air filter. Tested electric back up heaters. Checked voltage, amperage and electrical connections, measured capacitor values. Started heat pump, tested defrost cycle. Calculated btu output and checked temperature rise across coil.

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Performed Six Month AC Inspection on Amana Heat Pump system. Found Air Filter was very dirty. Spoke with owner of property and received approval for replacement of the Aprilaire 313 Air Filter. Cleaned EZ Trap and Drain Line. Poured water through drain line to ensure it was draining properly. Inspected electrical components on indoor and outdoor units. Tested system in AC Mode and measured refrigerant charge and Air Temperatures. Tenant stated upon arrival that there electric bill was higher this winter. Explained how the heat pump operates. Also found the thermostat was set to Emergency Heat mode which will only run the Electric Backup Heat and not the Heat Pump. Showed tenant how to operate thermostat and to keep thermostat in Heat Mode which will run the Heat Pump first and then the Electric Heat in addition.

Luis T.

Luis T. Job Checkin

We installed the new 6 gage wire to disconnect and removed the old wire and put it in a new junction box. Ran new wire from disconnect to air handler and conned the back up heat kit. We tested it out and now works as it should. We zipped tied all the new wires in place and secured all other connections. We also replaced the 40 amp breaker with a 60 amp breaker.

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Service call that the Heat Pump was not working. Upon arrival found thermostat set to heat and the indoor blower was running. Found the outdoor unit was out on Red Trip Code #4. Reset unit to test operation. After system ran for several minutes it began tripping out on High Head Pressure. Measured refrigerant and found system was overcharged. Removed 3lbs of refrigerant from the system to lower the head pressure. The Unit is charged with the refrigerant from the factory, and may have been overcharged. Measured air temperature readings and was measuring a 30 Degree Temperature rise. Checked Airflow and unit was running at 1,000 CFM for a 2-1/2 Ton System. Refrigerant pressures stabilized around 120 Suction and 385 Head Pressure. Cycled system upon completion.

Paul W.

Paul W. Job Checkin

Reclaimed and removed old equipment. Installed new leveled pad,disconnect, whip, and Amana heat pump. Replaced lineset then brazed in with nitrogen. Ran new low volt wire to heat pump. Installed new drip pan in attic and placed new Amana air handler on snow feet in pan. Installed April aire filter then Reconnected supply and return plenum and sealed. Brazed in lineset with nitrogen and pressure tested to 300, then evacuated down to 136 microns. Insulated lineset. Installed new disconnect switch and wired in. Installed ez trap and wet switch and wired safteys to break r. Reconnected condensate lines and insured proper pitch. Wired low volt and installed isolation relay for boiler control. Installed new air filter. Installed t4 thermostat. Tested system in heating and cooling.

Chris B.

Chris B. Job Checkin

Performed Precision Air Conditioning Tune Up on System. Checked 14x30x1 Air Filter. Filter is starting to get dirty. It is not blocking Air Flow but should be replaced to prevent any issues. Homeowners are going to replace filter. Inspected Electrical Components on Indoor and Outdoor Units. Cleared Condensation Drain Pipe. Tested Auxiliary Pan Float Switch which shuts off the Outdoor Unit. Recommend installing an EZ Trap onto the Drain Line. The EZ Trap gets wired into the system to break R Terminal. If the Trap becomes clogged it will trip the Float Switch and shut the unit down to prevent the drain line from backing up and overflowing. Measured Refrigerant Charge on system. The Disconnect on the Outdoor Unit is broken at the Top Wall Clamp. There is also a crack along the top of the Disconnect Box. Would recommend replacement of the Disconnect Box and whip to prevent any issues. If water gets into the Disconnect Box it could cause electrical issues. System is operating to standards a