1762 S Dixie Hwy #2
Crete, IL 60417

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Bob S.

Bob S. Job Checkin

Televised sewer from outside clean out approximately 69ft to city main. The connection at the main is offset and there is roots growing in at that connection. Suggest replacing the connection to the main then lining from overhead out to new pvc

Josh R.

Josh R. Job Checkin

Looked at cast in basement and advised where to cut into cast and leave it so we can remove at time of lining.

Kevin W.

Kevin W. Job Checkin

We are lining a sewer from an outside clean out starting the liner 45’ downstream of the clean out in pvc pipe and ending the liner 123’ downstream near the city main, lining through the old clay tile which had heavy root growth.

Bob S.

Bob S. Job Checkin

Televised ducts under slab floor. Ducts are concrete asbestos ducts with metal fittings and connections that are rusting. Suggest installing drain til in basement to the existing sump pit then spin casting ducts and spray lining ducts with Duct Armor duct lining material.

Jim D.

Jim D. Job Checkin

Televised sewer from inside stack. Found clay tile cracking and heavy roots near parkway. Giving customer a quote to clean and install a liner to city main.