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Kevin W.

Kevin W. Job Checkin

Received a service call for pipe repair. Identified damage at the cleanout in the backyard, affecting the pipe leading to the main sewer line. Applied a temporary fix by inserting a line to address the critical issue. Additionally, provided the homeowner with a detailed estimate for the complete replacement of the damaged pipe.

Josh R.

Josh R. Job Checkin

Working with with a valued client in Cicero area of Chicago, IL, repairing metal air ducts is vital for efficient HVAC systems. Whether it's sealing leaks, fixing insulation, or replacing damaged sections, proper maintenance ensures optimal airflow and energy efficiency in homes and buildings.

Josh R.

Josh R. Job Checkin

Air Quality Issues. A great client in Cicero expressed worries over the air quality in their home. Sent a technician to make a diagnosis. discovered clogged filters and air ducts. Cleaning of the ducts was done in about 2 hours. Changed air filters and left a couple of extra ones for client to change in a month.

John R.

John R. Job Checkin

The sewer pipe has been cleaned and descaled. A 4" liner was inserted through the existing overhead clean-out, beginning just past the tee connection on top of the cast iron and reaching approximately 17 feet downstream, finishing before the septic tank baffle outside the home.

Bob S.

Bob S. Job Checkin

Televised sewer from a catch basin in back of the house to inspect because homeowner is getting sewer gas smells in the house. Sewer appears to be in good condition with no offsets cracks or deformations that could be causing smells to get into the house. There is an old check valve in the basement that a plumber has caulked and the homeowner believes that may have helped with the smell. The sewer could be lined to seal off all joints.