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2-20-24 Today’s visit was a check the basement twinned furnaces that were tripping off. Furnace #4B did have a bit of a delayed ignition ignition rod is a generic unit Reinstall the 90% burner cover properly and then tested. The system seems to be working at this time. Furnace #4A found the electrical connection on the flame sensor, disconnected and also the pressure relief on the pressure switch tubing was disconnected. Reconnected to tubing. System is working. Also, we did find the blower speed and heat. We’re on two different settings. Currently they are both on the low setting. The Furnace # 1 Also found the pressure switch tubing to the inducer motor was disconnected. Once we plugged it in the furnace worked fine. Speaking with Al these were the only systems that seem to be not working properly. Any other areas are working properly we can always come back out and check them. No parts were used today.