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Andrew  G.

Andrew G. Job Checkin

I performed a safety and maintenance inspection on both the AC system and the furnace system. On the AC side, I discovered there to be a fault within the voltage enhancement component likely due to a frog that shorted the component to ground. I also found there to be a heavy buildup of cotton and other dirt/debris on the outdoor heat transfer media. I presented options for repair to the customer and they chose to not make any repairs today stating that they intend to sell the home. The customer did purchase an outdoor heat transfer media chemical cleaning however. After completing the AC inspection, I found he system to be operating within the manufacturers tolerances with the exception of the voltage enhancement component. On the furnace side, I found the system to be operating within the manufacturers tolerances. After both inspections were completed I verified the operation of both and both are functioning as they should at this time. The customer also purchased an annual P3

Matthew  R.

Matthew R. Job Checkin

Hand digging and installing 4” tile for three downspouts and sump pump line to daylight just out from corner of house with pop-up and gravel for drainage.

Eli M.

Eli M. Job Checkin

Found that unit was low on r22, added 2 pounds of refridgerant to system and added sealer, cleaned both units

John S.

John S. Job Checkin

Checked issue with blower fan on water heater , and sent estimate for repairs