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Alek A.

Alek A. Job Checkin

Trane AC unit#3 supplying the main entry not cooling. Found the thermostat was failed, not sending 24V on the Y-cooling terminal. Thermostat has been replaced. Unit is now communicating the correct voltage and cooling properly at this time.

Rick B.

Rick B. Job Checkin

Checked the East Trane air handler over the dining room after the overflow pan was found overflowing yesterday. Verified the pan was dry after removing the water. Blew out the condensate drain and trap. Refilled the trap and verified drainage. Also checked the blower belt while on site.

Rigo  M.

Rigo M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival the hazim showed me he unit that was leaking water. The drain on the unit was clogged and filled the secondary drain. I removed all the water from the pan, but I was not able to clear the drain due to the amount of customers and people around that area. Hazim wanted LBA to come back during the week to clear the drain.

Rick B.

Rick B. Job Checkin

Checked the South Trane Rtu for no cool complaint. Found the thermostat set point 72 deg and the room temp 70 with the unit cycled off. Lowered the set point and checked the operation. Found the unit cooling normal with a 20 deg split and the unit running at 100% capacity. Changed the program two degrees lower than the North Rtu to cool the office and the store room. Explained the thermostat operation to the customer.

Rick B.

Rick B. Job Checkin

Checked two Trane Rtus for no cool. Found both off on cool fail. Found the South 17.5 ton unit with the condenser plugged between the passes and the North condenser fan motor running without a rain shield allowing water to enter the motor. Split and washed the condenser, replaced the motor, fan blade, capacitor and missing rain shield. Found the North 15 ton with the South condenser fan motor locked up due to failed bearings. Replaced the motor, fan blade and capacitor. Verified operation after repairs. Programmed the thermostats to the customers schedule. Repairs were approved by Glenda.

Cody A.

Cody A. Job Checkin

Upon arrival found unit operating well at 22 degree split and space keeping temperature at 72 degrees tenant left space and I could not inspect thermostat or ductwork if problem persists will need to return to inspect these things.

Cody A.

Cody A. Job Checkin

Upon arrival gathered information and correctly labeled all units and filled out map for first watch

Joshua A.

Joshua A. Job Checkin

Arrived onsite for no cooling In the kitchen. Upon investigation of the systems due to the design of the units I had to determine which units provided for the kitchen upon finally determining this along with which thermostats controlled what units I determined that one of the big air handler in the space above the ceiling provides for part of the kitchen along with this air handler I also found that the twinned system in the closet helps provide for this space also. The air handler above the ceiling had a good cooling split but upon checking the condenser for this unit I found the coil fairly dirty so I checked our pressures and found them running fairly high so I went ahead and rinsed this condenser coil off at this time to help lower the head pressure to help prevent future issues with this. Upon investigation of the twinned system I checked the temperature split and found that one coil was running well but the other coil had an extremely low temperature split. I checked the charge

Gary P.

Gary P. Job Checkin

Replace the blower motor and belt in AHU- 1 located above the ceiling in the in the dining room. Check cooling operation the unit is cooling fine now the temperature split is 21*.

Gary P.

Gary P. Job Checkin

Arrived on site for lack of cooling in the dining room. Found Ahu #1, not cooling due to a seized up a blower motor. Informed Hazim of findings and he wants the wait until Tuesday to make repairs. Advise customer to shut the unit off until repairs are made to prevent any damage to unit.

Ian B.

Ian B. Job Checkin

Measured hood and provided drawings of existing equipment

Matthew  R.

Matthew R. Job Checkin

I met with a second balance company and assisted with equipment access and discussed the previous list of issues and modifications.

Kevin M.

Kevin M. Job Checkin

Reroute discharge under floor and cover pit

Pat M.

Pat M. Job Checkin

Estimate to reroute sump discharge and cover pit Will do work Thursday

Michael  R.

Michael R. Job Checkin

A/C tune-up on Bosch ground source heat pump. No problems found.