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Matthew  R.

Matthew R. Job Checkin

2-2-21 tues Press is tripping the low temp alarm when the start the unit in the morning, But not consistently. Checked the unit history, yes at 6:33am The low temp alarm has gone off. This afternoon while I was checking had no issues with low temperature alarms. We did set the temperature control from 71 to 73° Unit did maintain temperature with no issues. They do turn the unit off at night and start it up in the morning, their may be a glycol issue flow issue in the heat exchanger. Going to see if raising the temperature control will prevent this issue, I we will call them in the morning.

Matthew  R.

Matthew R. Job Checkin

1-11-21 mon 2.5 hrs Main press check-out chiller unit pump They replaced the tank circulator motor/pump assy. Today I did a check on the install. Motor is rated at 460Volt 3phase 2.2 amps Motor is running at 2.2 amps and the motor casing is not extremely hot to the touch as the existing one was This system has a bypass valve that has been open. Per the manufacture this valve should be closed, I close the valve and ran the system. The Press currently has a low load on it but seems to be working properly. Spoke to Jim on the unit and also spoke to Dave about what I did and to keep an eye on it.

Jerry B.

Jerry B. Job Checkin

12-30-20 wed Main printing Press chiller is tripping the high temperature alarm Checked the alarm history found their is an issue with the tank pump tripping also. When the pump fails the High temperature alarm will trip. Did fine the tank pump casing is very hot to the touch. Spoke to Billy, they will order a new pump Assy from the manufacturer. Than call us to install.