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jon.morton@lbaservices.com Job Checkin

During this visit I checked above the suspended ceiling in the men’s restroom where the red oil was noticed. Above the suspended ceiling at the spot where the oil has soaked through the ceiling tile I did not see any hvac infrastructure. I went onto the mezzanine and into the partitioned shop area and opened the Trane unit. The unit turned on while I was inspecting the compressor. I discovered that the unit is cooling and there was not oil inside of the unit. I investigated further and found two buckets under the racking and at least one of them was leaking and there was an oil slick under them. Mr. Burns was not on-site today so I relayed and showed my findings to Mr. Moffit. Thank you, Jon

Diego L.

Diego L. Job Checkin

4/24/24 - Completed a full cooling maintenance on six Trane RTU’s. Changed all filters, took temperatures, took amp draws, checked belts, and vacuumed and cleaned out all units. Overall, there were no issues found at this time, all units were running perfectly, and they were all in good condition.

John K.

John K. Job Checkin

1/3/24 - Completed heating maintenance on 6 Trane RTU’s, all of them are electric heat. Got all the temperatures, amp draws, and readings. All units seem to be running fine at this time, with no major concerns. We talked to Tim, he said he wanted to add the 6 unit heaters to the maintenance contract. They all seem to be the same model, in which they are all Sterling brand.

Scott M.

Scott M. Job Checkin

Installed 5 electric heat strips in the rtu units that we installed r months ago.

Chris S.

Chris S. Job Checkin

Commercial HVAC Replacement. Signed contract attached Replace (5) 60,000 btu Carrier cooling only units with electric heat for the interior zones and (1) 72,000 btu Carrier cooling only unit with electric heat for the Lobby and South perimeter zone. Price includes (5) 60,000 btu Trane cooling only units with electric heat, (1) 72,000 btu Trane cooling only unit with electric heat and (1) curb adapter for the 72,000 btu unit. Existing ductwork,

John C.

John C. Job Checkin

Warranty. Found lose connection at blower capacitor from pm prior Friday.

John C.

John C. Job Checkin

Completed heat check and filter change. Estimate provided for weak capacitor replacement 3 separate units. Systems all heating as designed.