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dale.shelby@lbaservices.com Job Checkin

Performed PM tasking on RTU#1 , change out filter inspected heat exchanger, checked motor amps ,checked all safety , didn’t find any problems at this time

Nick S.

Nick S. Job Checkin

Assisted in cpma along with changing of filters and system is operating within factory specifications at this time.

Conner C.

Conner C. Job Checkin

Performed the preventive maintenance for the heating season. I checked the amp draw of the blower motor and inducer motor, I made sure that the blower wheel was in good working condition, I took readings of the capacitor to make sure that it was within the manufacturer's recommended tolerance, I looked over the heat exchanger to make sure there were no cracks or holes, I took a temperature split reading and I changed the filters.

Rigo  M.

Rigo M. Job Checkin

We performed a full preventive maintenance. We washed out the coil and drain pan, changed the filter, checked the contactor and capacitor, took amp draw readings for the condenser fan motor and blower motor.