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Andrew  G.

Andrew G.

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Upon arrival the customer informed me that the Lennox SLP98 furnace system wasn’t operating. Additionally, the customer informed me that the system was displaying fault code 200 which is for a hard lockout from an open rollout switch. I discovered that the rollout switch on the right hand side of the furnace looking from the front, inside the combustion chamber was in fact open. I reset the rollout switch and the system operated as it should. I cleared the fresh air intake inside the combustion chamber because there was a dry leaf that potentially could get inside the combustion chamber and be a cause of the rollout switch opening. I also checked the flue pipe and fresh air pipe on the outside of the residence and found no obstructions. After operating the furnace for 20 minutes the furnace had no troubles or faults and was operating within the manufacturers tolerances. I spoke to the customer about replacing the rollout switch. I explained that the customer would be entitled to roug