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Scott M.

Scott M.

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Performed preventative maintenance on furnace found static was high at over 1.0 removed filter and tested which grout it down quite a bit installed new filter and it rose to .75 which is acceptable beings it is rated for a 1.0 max static all electrical components checked out good blower appeared to be clean humidifier is good as well had to adjust it on the thermostat due to it not coming on at first once it was changed to on it functioned properly advise not to run furnace while your doing Sheetrock sanding in basement as that harms all aspects of your furnace and clogs filters which is hard on furnace wiped entire furnace down to clear of dust and debris I recommend after you get done with your sheet rock to give us a call so we can clean your ducts out get all the sheet rock dust out of there so your not breathing that stuff that stuff furnace is functioning fine at time of departure thank you for being a loyal L.B.A customer we appreciate your business immensely and value you as ou