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During this visit Don brought me to the building automation interface in the server room. The unit of concern today is unit# 1-2 Daiken RTU that serves the lower south side of the building (break room). The automation software is reporting that the return temp is 48.7 and the supply temp is 60, the humidity is at 164% and the odt is 621deg. F. In addition to these readings the Econ is reporting 20% open and the max value for the Econ has been set at 5%. The automation software reports the unit as heating at 100% with no error codes. The humidity, outdoor temp, Econ % and heating status of this unit are wrong for the reasons listed below. On the roof I noticed while approaching that the nat gas heater is not functioning at all and the economizer is in roughly a 5% open state. I performed a few tests on the equipment to see if we could return heating function. The voltages were checked and the nat gas heating was checked. The inducer motor was not locked and spun freely, the spa