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Jeremy C.

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3/25/24 Sent out today to Rick and Mary’s in regards to a shower with no flow. Upon arrival I was greeted by the two and went over the purpose of the visit and answered any immediate questions they had. Rick led me to the master bathroom explaining they have already cleared the shower head and attempted a shower rebuild and wants to know what needs to be done next. I went over how they did exactly what I would have started with. I then explained the next step would be replacing the shower valve however I wanted to run vital test to see if we could determine why this happened in the first place. Vitals: -Total Dissolved Solids (cold): 435 ppm -Total Dissolved Solids (hot): 537 ppm -Water Pressure Static: 80 psi -Water Pressure Faucet Open: 74 psi (w/ prv) -Water Temp Setting: n/a -Water Temp Output: 120F -Water Hardness: 18 grains of calcium per gallon (extremely hard water) -Water Quality: n/a -Water Heater: installed by LBA in 2019 -Water Lines: cpvc -Drain Lines: pvc Because so