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Steve R.

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Replaced the condenser fan motors on the west and east condensers in the line of 6 condensers on the roof. The harness plug was removed on both units and the new motors were directly wired, The east unit does have a low ambient kit that has been left in the motor circuit. While replacing the east unit’s motor I discovered that the fan blade has a hub that is starting to have some play in it. I do recommend replacing the fan blade to prevent an unplanned outage in the future. The fan blade is okay today and I left the unit running since it cools the kitchen. Tech notes: West unit, York, YCJD60S43S4A, s/n W1G6782381, new motor amps 1.27a (rated 1.3a), new capacitor 5.03uf (rated 5uf), East unit, York, m/n YCJD60S43S4A, s/n W1F4804206, new motor amps 1.24a (rated 1.3a), new capacitor 5.02 (rated 5.03). I will add more notes later