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3-12-24 Kitchen AC system repairs # 2 condenser unit. Removed existing compressor found short ground last week. We did test the oil checked out Ok We also use dry nitrogen to blow out the line set into the evaporator to confirm that the TXV is not clogged. Today we installed new 5 ton compressor, liquid line dryer, and also added some acid away. Tested the system with dry nitrogen or any leaks no leaks. Evacuated the system to 500 microns Added 8 pounds of R410a Part of today’s job was to install head pressure control both kitchen AC condenser units. Both these units are microchannel condensers, and the sensor on these units will not work properly. I need to pick up a different controller and sensor and then installed them later on. Ordered the correct head pressure controls. They should be on Friday or they will be on a separate ticket.