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Jeremy  C.

Jeremy C.

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3/9/24 Sent out today to Anastasia’s in regards to a backup in the basement. Upon arrival I was greeted by Anastasia who explained the situation and led me the stairs for the basement. I answered any immediate questions and concerns and then went to the basement to examine the situation. There is water pooled around the basement floor drain stretching out about ten to fifteen feet every direction. There are two stacks, a small cast iron and a 4” pvc with a new clean out on it. I explained to Anastasia what I would have to do to get the water flowing again and answered any questions they had and went over the pricing to ensure they wanted it done. Anastasia authorized me start the work. I came in through the back door at the top of the basement stairs so I wouldn’t have to track the drain machine through the house. Using the new pvc clean out I ran the snake about fifty feet until I felt resistance. I worked through the area and got the water to drain from the basement. To make sure t