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Alex H.

Alex H.

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Perform a heating maintenance checked all operations check filter check drain lines checked temperature split checked all electrical components found that the inducer motor has bad bearings causing the motor to run loud also found that the capacitor is below the manufacture specifications I also found that the blower motor is starting to leak oil from the back checked heat exchanger check CO levels check for gas leaks clean flame sensor checked igniter clear inducer port replace humidifier panel upon customers request I informed the customer about the blower motor and inducer motor and the capacitor and also informed that the system is 22 years old customer wants to wait on repairs and is looking for upgrade system was running when I left thank you for having me out today Alex View visual findings from this job here - https://visionshare.xoi.io/?id=XA-0D78-61EDD9664FD244E6AF5C923479F8239A