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Company arrived Friday September 23 of 2022. The customer was having issues with their bathtub backing up when the water was ran from the kitchen sink and tub. Upon arrival company ran water from the bathtub and sink in order to visualize the back up. In doing so water began backing up and flowing out the the waste and overflow into the tub. The trip lever was activated from the overflow of water and left standing water in the tub. Company deactivated the trip lever and the water began to drain. Company then ran water from both the bathtub and sink again and no back up occurred. Company believes the chemicals used prior to arrival have seemingly done its job and the weight of the water behind this last back up helped push it out the rest of the way. Company recommended an endure treatment but the customer would like to hold off at this time since the drain is functioning. The customer purchased the perfect service family membership at this time and will reach out if the issues occur ag