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During this visit I checked the primary voltage to the outside condenser then checked the inside head units (qty2) that utilize the single outside condenser for error codes. The inside head units were not displaying an error code. The outside condenser was checked for error codes as well before cycling the power off. The condenser was turned off and the inverter was discharged completely then the interior fuses were checked on the control board and the inverter board. I attached pressure gauge to check the refrigerant level and traced the voltage back to the power control board once powered up again. The condenser flashed a pfc fault code and the pfc was identified and checked. There is evidence of excessive heat on the board. I used a leak detector to check for where the refrigerant leaked out from the system. I contacted Mr. Britton and relayed to him my findings. Which are that the refrigerant pressure is too low to properly check for a leak at this time. The Pfc