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Customer had company out for jetting on Monday, December 13 companies sure specialist and water quality specialist came out to further investigate line and self due to the fact drain technician/jetting technician Saw multiple breaks. After water quality and sewer specialist came out and conducted diagnostic/Camera inspection on line Company determined customer has three breaks the two first breaks at 20-25 ft are minimal offsets from roots Traveling down to saddle where line dips into main sewer. Customers main problem area is right on tap of sewer itself. Company determined based off of what camera has shown company cannot warranty line itself based off of breaks and company recommends 10 foot spot repair starting next to lantern light in front yard and going out to portion of concrete driveway approximately 2 feet into concrete. Line itself is approximately 3 to 4 feet deep to 6 at the main. company is going to provide year supply of root x since customer does not want Estimate for