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Andrew  G.

Andrew G. Job Checkin

Upon arrival I performed a tuneup and safety inspection of the Knight KBN106 boiler. During my inspection I discovered that there was a fault in the combustion and ignition safety system. I presented the concern to the customer and the customer chose the band aid HM2A combustion and ignition safety system rejuvenation option. Also, performed a combustion analysis and combustion readings are within normal range. After making the repair the boiler system is operating within the manufacturers specifications. Thank you

Andrew  G.

Andrew G. Job Checkin

Upon arrival the customer informed me that the Lochinvar boiler system wasn’t operating and the displayed fault code was failed ignition. The customer also informed me that they had refilled their propane tank a couple of weeks ago. When I first ran a trial for ignition the boiler wouldn’t operate. I verified that the gas valve was being energized which it was. I knew we were getting spark ignition but there was no combustion so I continued to troubleshoot the gas line. I verified that the inlet gas pressure was within the manufacturers tolerances and which I found the pressures while idle and while operating to be within the manufacturers tolerances. I was able to check gas pressure while in operation because after several attempts the boiler system began operating. I then called Lochinvar technical support as I was hearing a fluttering sound during ignition. I was instructed to adjust the outlet gas pressure because the fluttering meant a lean fuel mixture. I adjusted the outlet

Rigo  M.

Rigo M. Job Checkin

Helped Rylan repair tube heater.

Phil N.

Phil N. Job Checkin

Preformed backflow test on three backflow valves.#1 Watts 919mqt 2” serial # 22753 passed. #2 watts 919 mqt 1.5” serial# 16886 passed. #3 watts 919 mqt serial # 16877 passed. Flushed two water heaters in water treatment room.

Pat M.

Pat M. Job Checkin

Helped Phil with backflow

Austin W.

Austin W. Job Checkin

Replaced bad board on Goodman indoor furnace for office space. M# AMH80704BNAB S# 0704056630. Replaced both thermostats in office space per customer request. Checked operations on both systems and they are heating as designed.

Andrew  G.

Andrew G. Job Checkin

Upon arrival the customer informed me that the boiler system wasn’t operating and it had a displayed fault code of failed ignition. I removed the burner assembly and cleaned the flame sensor and electronic spark ignitor. After putting the burner assembly back together, the system then produced a fault code of fan speed which the description states the fan is operating at 30% less rpm then what it is being called for. I again removed the burner assembly and inducer to find no problems. I put everything back together again and the system operated immediately. I believe I didn’t have the electrical connector in all the way which produced the fan fault. I cycled the system multiple times and the system operated each time without faults. I concluded that there must have been just enough carbon buildup on the electronic spark ignitor or possibly there was a restriction in the propane line that was knocked loose during removing and re-installing the burner assembly. I recorded 11.2” WC

John S.

John S. Job Checkin

Tightened tank to bowl bolts on women’s and men’s room employee tanks , tested for leaks , no others found .

Matthew  R.

Matthew R. Job Checkin

Performed annual water heater PMA , left side heater seems to be leaking behind jacket , will write up estimate for replacement and check warranty status .

Aaron R.

Aaron R. Job Checkin

Performed a boiler tune up.