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Andrew  G.

Andrew G. Job Checkin

Upon arrival the customer informed me that the boiler system wasn’t operating and it had a displayed fault code of failed ignition. I removed the burner assembly and cleaned the flame sensor and electronic spark ignitor. After putting the burner assembly back together, the system then produced a fault code of fan speed which the description states the fan is operating at 30% less rpm then what it is being called for. I again removed the burner assembly and inducer to find no problems. I put everything back together again and the system operated immediately. I believe I didn’t have the electrical connector in all the way which produced the fan fault. I cycled the system multiple times and the system operated each time without faults. I concluded that there must have been just enough carbon buildup on the electronic spark ignitor or possibly there was a restriction in the propane line that was knocked loose during removing and re-installing the burner assembly. I recorded 11.2” WC

John S.

John S. Job Checkin

Tightened tank to bowl bolts on women’s and men’s room employee tanks , tested for leaks , no others found .

Matthew  R.

Matthew R. Job Checkin

Performed annual water heater PMA , left side heater seems to be leaking behind jacket , will write up estimate for replacement and check warranty status .

Aaron R.

Aaron R. Job Checkin

Performed a boiler tune up.