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4/9/24 Sent out today to Steve’s in regards to their shower hot handle being broken. Upon arrival I was greeted by Steve who I went over the purpose of today’s visit with and answered any immediate questions they had to help set expectations. Steve explained that their hot shower handle no longer functions and they needed it either fixed or for us to come up with a solution to restore water everywhere else. During my visit to best take care of Steve I did free vital readings to get more information on what had been going on. VITAL READINGS: -Total Dissolved Solids (cold): 301 ppm -Total Dissolved Solids (hot): N/A ppm (hot water is off) -Water Pressure Static: 95 psi -Water Temp Setting: N/A -Water Temp Output: N/A -Water Hardness: 8 grains of calcium per gallon -Water Quality: none -Water Heater: 1998 gas 40 gallon, no expansion, saddle valves -Water Lines: copper -Drain Lines: N/A OBSERVATIONS: -lots of calcium buildup -high water pressure -water heater from 1998, no expansion