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Tyler R.

Tyler R.

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Upon arrival I found out that there was no air blowing out of the vents. I went down to the furnace after turning the AC to ON. I heard the system making a loud bussing sound as I walked down the stairs to the unit which the customer told me she was hearing also. I checked inside the blower wheel and the wheel was very difficult to spin. I could feel it rubbing against something inside the squirrel cage beneath where the fan spins. Something has fallen down inside there and it has burnt up the blower motor. There is not enough space between the furnace and the wall in front of the furnace to be able to remove the entire squirrel cage to be able to dislodge whatever is in it and replace the blower motor. This unit is from 1992. So, we are going to schedule to come back out on Monday with a supervisor to see what it would cost to fix it vs. what would it cost to replace it to see which one makes more sense financially and what’s best for the system in the future. I was unable to collect