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Jeremy C.

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2/28/24 Sent out to Tim’s today for warranty work on a job that was installed yesterday. JJ installed a Halo 5 conditioner for Tim and since the completion of the install they have noticed black specs in their water and contacted us. Upon arrival I answered any questions they had and went over the purpose of today’s visit to set expectations. Mary Ann led me through the house and showed to all the fixtures so I could test them. I started off by running water from all fixtures and checking for residual specs still in the system. After testing the entire house the only place where I still notice charcoal specs is in a few of the toilet tanks. The charcoal is in the tanks because the tank holds a few inches of water even when flushed. I explained to Tim that over time that should wash out and if they notice any in the toilet bowl to not be alarmed. During my time there today any faucets I noticed with low pressure I removed the aerators to restore flow. While making my way through the